Ondřej Bárta


  • People in Need NGO

    People in Need NGO

    Leading NGO in Central Europe. Relief & Development Aid, Education and Human Rights projects in almost 30 countries. http://www.peopleinneed.cz

  • Santiago Louro

    Santiago Louro

    Senior FP&A Manager @Bitwala

  • Jůlie


  • Jan Antonin Kolar

    Jan Antonin Kolar

    VUI designer for a prototyping studio @statusquack, @unsplash contributor and aspiring programmer.

  • Alina Zarska

    Alina Zarska

    Product Designer at STRV.

  • Barbora Balazikova

    Barbora Balazikova

    love IT, web | graphic design, mathematics and logic. climbing. My job is to find dream job opportunities | projects for IT guys and help them grow

  • David Tyemnyák

    David Tyemnyák

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