Keep Creating

As a human being, you were created to explore, create and help others do the same.

The nature of creativity and the act of creation is described differently by almost every person that I have asked. It depends on the person as we’re all different even though we’re all one of the same. The motivation to create also has roots in many different places for everyone. But we’re all able to manifest new things into existence.

Appreciation of beauty seems to me to be a unique aspect of humanity. I can’t think of any other creature that’s so fundamentally predisposed to appreciate beautiful things. If we take this as an axiom, it’s a bit clearer why religious people would believe that the beauty of nature and everything in it has been created for us and no one else by God.

Let your guard down. Get immersed in the process. Jump into it like you would into a body of water. Let it swallow you whole as water would swallow your body, even for just a few seconds before you’d emerge back out. Even the few seconds are all worth it.

Regardless of how insignificant or short-lasting your output and its effect on others might be, persevere.

With this article, I’m starting a series of articles where I justify for myself (and hopefully for you as well), why it’s useful to do even things that don’t add an immediate value to the world.

My writing is good enough but not exceptional. The visuals I create for my articles are not the best either. Maybe the only person who enjoyed this article was me as I was writing it. But I wouldn’t let that stop me from putting things out into the world. And neither should it stop you.