Nuri — formerly Bitwala; How To Manage An Ambitious Rebranding

This is not a marketing article. This is my way of appreciating everyone’s hard work and talking a bit about my experience, and showing the challenges we faced.

With this very uncomfortable situation on our shoulders, we were left with trying our best.

Stage 1 — Hiring

Stage 2—Getting To Work

My role was fairly clear. Set up the project and all the teams for successful delivery with as few problems as possible in the process.

Having these risks taken care of early on resulted in zero breaking changes into our production app.

Stage 3—Adapt

The processes set up at the beginning were working well for some time. But as new challenges came up, we had to adapt.

That meant that we needed a focused effort on not just breaking current functionality but also the future functionality. We had to keep in mind that our delivery also doesn't limit the delivery of other teams.

Stage 4-Nuri Grand Release

I'm completely convinced that it's the dedication of the engineers working on this that made us make it through challenges like this.



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